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One Blue Sky - Okinawa and Peace
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One Blue Sky

Takeru MASUDA (translation by Hironori Fujii, Yukiko Fujii, Kento Ichinose, Sakura Jones, Adam Roberts-Taira, and Kimie Roberts-Taira)

My favourite place
On the green grass
I lay down
and the breeze gently strokes me
In the distance the echo of a ruddy kingfisher
In front of me a mother goat
taking care of her kids with her kind eyes
A blue and gentle endless sky

Under a sky far away
apparently there are countries still at war
Bombs are dropped again and again
Crying, screaming and running people
Can't go to school
Can't meet with friends
Families separated
A sad grey sky

Even though the sky is connected,
Why is it?
Up to where is peace?
From where is war?
I wonder how
a warless
infinite sky can be made

War is a fight between countries
If I am nice to my brother
If I work together with my friends
If I listen to my parents
If I keep to my teacher's word
Will there be no more war?
Will our smiles
be linked to the skies far away?
Can kind feelings,
can peaceful thoughts
take a whole lap around
this round earth?

I'm still a child
who can only pray.
I pray for
all the children of this world
could go to school,
could play with their friends,
full of smiles
could have meals with their family,
at night time
could dream a fabulous dream,
could live a happy life,
and become friends someday.

Please, white cloud,
carry my wish for peace,
around the world and
dye the sky blue?

One day
The people of the world will all hold hands,
will all talk under the same blue sky,
will smile to each other,
will connect through kind hearts,
will share and care for each other.
The world will prosper with the desire for peace.

That's why
right here
such beautiful flowers are blooming.
That's why
above me
the blue sky covers us all.

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